• Students in white lab coats smile during a chemistry demo

    Graduate student Runzi Li and undergraduate Grant Develle educate fellow students on pH indicators and acid-base reactions in the Sullivan Science Building on Wednesday. Photo Credit: Amber Fairchild

  • Woman speaks to other adults in a classroom-like setting.

    Provost Debbie Storrs chats with attendees at the Staff Senate meeting in the Weatherspoon Art Museum on Wednesday. Photo Credit:  Hunter Pham

  • Man seated in a classroom setting with a notebook in his lap speaks to other adults seated with him.

    Chris Gregory, director of Military-Affiliated Services, speaks to other First-Year Experience instructors in a professional development meeting at the Faculty Center on Wednesday. Photo Credit:  Lynn Hey

  • A student with purple hair works in a horticultural greenhouse

    UNCG undergraduate lab member Alex Nolan gathers data on plants in the Sullivan Greenhouse. Photo Credit: Amber Fairchild

  • Two people chat next to a coffee kiosk at Weatherspoon Art Museum.

    Jeanne Madorin, associate vice chancellor for human resources, purchases a cup of coffee and chats with a barista at the Borough Coffee cart in Weatherspoon Art Museum. Photo Credit: Hunter Pham

  • A smiling woman holds a cup of coffee

    UNCG’s Dr. Debbie Storrs enjoys a cup of Borough Coffee after a meeting. Photo Credit: Hunter Pham

  • Woman speaks to a group of students on campus grounds under a big oak tree.

    Carolyn Shankle, collections specialist at Jackson Library, leads a campus ghost tour near College Avenue for Religious Studies’ supernatural encounters course. Photo Credit: Lynn Hey

  • Two students scroll their phones as they ride a shuttle bus.

    UNCG Senior Landon Alison uses his phone to catch up on events on Wednesday while commuting on the Spartan Chariot. Photo Credit: Lynn Hey

  • A bus driver smiles in the front seat.

    Perry Hebart drives bus No. 6 for the Spartan Chariot system for something to do in retirement. He greets students warmly and has a nice mix of oldies tunes playing as he travels across campus and parking lots. Photo Credit: Lynn Hey

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